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Eat for ph balance

on January 4, 2012

We all know we should eat right to fuel our bodies, but did you know that eating lots of fruits and vegetables can help to keep your ph balanced?  Our bodies have a very delicate ph system and it can be adversely affected by too much soda, refined or white sugar, coffee, grains and animal fats.  That is not to say that you can’t have those foods!  You just need to be careful not to overdo the caffeine, breads and protein.

A lesser known fact is that when you eat most fruits and vegetables, it helps to keep your ph in a more beneficial state, which means that you can potentially ward off diseases such as cancer and arthritis.  It is best if your diet contains about 60-70% alkaline foods and 30-40% acidic foods.  This gives you plenty of room to have the foods you love and crave, and lots of energy from fruits and veggies to keep you going!

Here are a few alkaline foods to keep on hand in the kitchen:  kale, spinach, chard, almonds, carrots, raisins, string beans, lemons and bananas.

On the other hand, acidic foods should be eaten in small amounts or avoided altogether.  Here are a few heavy weight contenders:  coffee, alcohol, wheat grain, honey, sugar, corn products, oatmeal, pasta, and tobacco.  Most processed foods fall into this category, so limiting these foods is better for your waistline, too.

Many people fall into the acidic body category.  This tends to cause an imbalance in your body, allowing disease to more easily attack.  Cancer and inflammation of tissues are more prevalent in an acidic environment.  The best way to test if you are acidic is to buy litmus paper at a natural food or health store.  You can test yourself a few different times during the day over the course of a few days to see how the foods you eat regularly affect your saliva and urine.  You are aiming for an average of 7.  Be aware that there may be slight variations, due to the time of day.  If your number is a seven or a slight bit higher, you are in a balanced state, so continue on with your healthy habits.

If the result over three days or so is lower than seven, it means that your body is in an acidic state.  Make sure to include more alkaline foods in your diet and limit the acidic foods.  Test again in a few weeks.  Keep adding alkaline foods and limiting acidic foods and with a little time, you can bring your body back into balance.  With more fruits and veggies, you can achieve and maintain a happy, healthy body!  Enjoy your tasty journey to a balanced state of body.

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