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Massage out the kinks!

on April 19, 2013

On your fitness quest, you may realize that there are a few spots on your body that need extra attention.  It may be a hip that clicks a bit or a shoulder that lacks a little flexibility.  Here enters the healing power of massage.  Working the muscles is great for health and well-being, but we also need to relax those muscles and give them a bit of loving attention every now and then.  There are many types of massage from Swedish to Shiatsu to Sports massage.  Here is a link that tells you the differences between the types and gives you a better idea of which massage may suit your tastes.

If you work out regularly, you could definitely benefit from a sports massage, but it may not be the one that feels the best to you.  A massage should make you feel good and keep you coming back for more.  I have been talking to many of you about finding a good massage therapist in your area.  I decided to go on Yelp and check out the West Seattle  neighborhood to see what is being said.  I found a few places that get great reviews.  Here they are and I encourage you to check them out:

M3 Bodyworks (

West Seattle Active Body Massage (

Liberty Massage (

Gypsyfoot Massage ( and no, it is not just for your feet 😉


These are just a few of the places I found that seemed worth a try!  In addition, one of my clients recommended Ryan at Gene Juarez and another client suggested Pain Free Solutions for a great massage.  Here are the links for those who are interested: and

If anyone has any other recommendations in your neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to share.  Thanks to those who already have.  It’s great to pass along the resources so that others can benefit!  Stay happy and healthy while taking care of that body!



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