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Rain, Rain, Motivation Has Gone Away

on December 8, 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to find motivation to exercise. And then other times it’s downright impossible…or so it seems. When the weather is not on your side and the rain just keeps coming, it’s best to have a few tricks up your sleeve to keep your mood afloat and your body moving.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the ideas I use to keep exercising even when it rains for days on end:

1. Employ your sunlight lamp. This one is a must in the Northwest, where dreary weather occurs quite often in the fall and winter months. The pick-me-up that you get from the sun is needed when you don’t feel motivated to move during the dark days.  A mood lift motivator is just a click away if you have a sunlight lamp on hand. Get one, use it, and feel the energy!  (I use a Verilux happy light.)

2. Go outside even if you need to bring the old umbrella. I know it’s not a glamorous addition to your wardrobe, but a bumbershoot can keep you relatively dry on those downpour days and enable you to get some fresh, albeit moist air. Getting outside has many advantages, including changing your perspective, replenishing your oxygen stores, and clearing your mind, just to name a few.  The outdoors can be a great brain stimulator!

3. If you just can’t make it outside, don’t ditch the workout. Make sure that you have a backup for your exercise plan. An inside workout can be fun, invigorating, and less time-consuming.  You can make your workout as simple as combining jumping jacks and mountain climbers or you can include favorites like push-ups, planks, and back extensions. Use whatever gear you have to add some challenges.  Get creative and have fun!

4. Eat healthy foods in the winter, too. Pay attention to your food choices even when comfort foods call out your name…loudly. Casseroles and stews can be included in a healthy diet, but make sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, too. Maybe even combine the two by throwing extra vegetables into a favorite recipe.  Extra fruit and vegetables help to keep your mood up and your body ready for exercise.

5. Make an exercise schedule and stick to it.  Don’t fall victim to not having enough time or getting side-tracked. Write your exercise appointments down on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone to keep you accountable.  Get motivated by using a Fitbit or an app like Mapmyfitness, which helps to track what you’ve done.  Include a friend or colleague in your workout plans to make you think twice about canceling.  Make exercise a priority and do what it takes to hold yourself accountable.

6. Get plenty of sleep.  Fall and winter are times of hibernation, making us feel like sleeping more.  Make sure you listen to your body, giving it the sleep it needs to power you through the day.  A set sleep schedule is helpful to keep your body energized and healthy.  It is all too easy at this time of year to push through the normal bedtime to get more work done, but shirking your sleep leads to fatigue, less motivation for exercise, dependence on caffeine, and poorer food choices.  Sleep is a very important part of overall health, so make sure to include enough shut-eye in your routine.

So next time it rains outside and you feel your motivation waning, just remember some of these tips.  They are sure to help get you moving in no time.


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