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Your New Year

on December 29, 2015

How should we begin the new year? Most of us have similar ideas for health and fitness every year, but how can this year be different? By adding to what we already know and, more importantly, not starting over in the new year!

Let’s change our mentality when it comes to turning over a new leaf. We have the ability and can all put in a little time, so why not renew our pledge to a healthier life now? Right this minute!

Take 5 minutes and walk around your house a few times while your kids are playing or the commercials are on. Take a break from your work or home project and do a few jumping jacks, or walk to the water fountain. Stop by the store on your way home, park far away from the door and speed walk to and through the store. Find the fresh produce section and spend the majority of your money there. Go home and cut up all of your veggies to use for the next few days. Sip on cool, clear water or green tea while you read your favorite newsletter or blog.

So, now that you have a couple more ideas to add to yours, put them to use right now. Don’t make the mistake of having a starting (and therefore an ending) point to your “diet” or your new year’s resolution. It just sets you up for failure, and that is the last thing you want along your way to a healthier, longer life of fitness.

If you haven’t figured it out just yet, better health and fitness comes from a day-to-day commitment, not just a few month-long binge of hardcore exercises that make you want to throw up. Moderation is key and makes for a healthy relationship between you, your family and friends, and your fitness life.  Step up your game now and feel renewed throughout this and every year.


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