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When Sweating Makes Me Smile


We all have our go-to exercises. Some people love the feel of heavy weights swinging in front of them. Others love classes where high-energy moves make them feel inspired. I personally like a combination of different activities and I love to enjoy what I do.

Dancing is a go-to exercise for me. When I turn on the music, my body just starts moving. I have been like that since I was a little tyke. Nothing feels as good as shaking your body any way your heart desires. Another nice thing about this kind of exercise is that you can do it rain or shine, so turn up the tunes and start moving!

Kettlebells are another must for me. I love the feel of the weight moving around me. I used to work out with dumbbells all the time and I liked those, but I LOVE kettlebells. They add a whole new dimension to moving free weight. If you’re unfamiliar with them, try the core swing first. It was pure love for me at first swing! What’s better than working up a sweat and feeling strong?!

Walking has always been my solace. It is as natural of an exercise as it gets. When I feel cooped up or uneasy, if an issue needs more thought, or if it’s just a fantastic day, I find myself lacing up my shoes and taking to the pavement. I usually do some of my finest thinking when my body is moving and since walking is a slow-burn exercise, requiring minimal thought to execute, it is a perfect way to add some meditation to my day. Even if you just have time for a quick jaunt around the block, get out there. Your mind and body will thank you!

I added the heavy bag to my training arsenal in the last few years. It offers a great way to get rid of stress in compact form. A twenty-minute session is perfect for releasing tension and enhancing focus, not to mention the calories you torch in the process. If you want to try something similar and don’t have a bag, just clench your fists and picture the bag in front of you. Make sure to keep your body tight and use quick jabs, keeping the upper back and core engaged to protect your upper body from over-extension. It’s a blast!

Those are my favorite activities to keep my body and mind engaged. Give one or all of them a try if you’re up for it!

What are your tried and true ways to train? Let me know and maybe I’ll have a new favorite come next week!

Thanks for reading and here’s to a happy workout!