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My Highly Functional Diet

on May 3, 2016


Food means a lot of different things to people. It can bring up memories, it can cure the blues or help you handle stress, it’s an enjoyable thing to have with family and friends, and let’s not forget the best part, it just tastes good. 🙂

Arguably, the most important thing it provides for us physically is sustenance. The calories you take in from your food are important for energy. Food can make you feel good or it can deplete your energy, depending on how much and how frequently you consume it. (Think huge meals and too much saturated fat!)

Now, I’m not here to tell you what or how many times to eat during the day! This is just to get you thinking about making small changes to feel better during the day, and I figured I’d give you a snapshot of what works for me to get you started.

There have been many schools of thought as to how many meals to consume in a day. Some people abide by the three a day rule and others function on small meals throughout the day. I found a combination of the two is optimal for me. I have a larger breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a small snack in my lowest energy part of the day.

I do believe in routine, but this example is by no means the only way I eat. I enjoy restaurant meals on occasion and I love a good dessert when it strikes my fancy. But as a general rule, the following is what keeps me feeling satisfied and energized throughout my day:

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries and a scoop of peanut butter with a protein drink

Lunch: Vegetable soup and half a turkey sandwich or a large spinach salad topped with a variety of veggies and turkey, tuna, or chicken

Mid afternoon snack: Greek yogurt with fruit and chia seeds or hard-boiled eggs and a small banana

Dinner: Broiled Salmon or Chicken, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes, followed by a square or two of dark chocolate.

I hope you find this helpful in deciding on possible foods to eat and how many meals work best for you. This is by no means the only or the best way for you to organize your meals, and the foods I choose are what I like best. This meal plan just happens to work with my schedule and my needs.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or want to share how you eat during the day. I’d love to hear from you!

What you eat is so important to how you perform mentally and physically each day. If you feel satisfied and energized, you will be more likely to continue following your routine…. and you will feel great doing it!

Vary your diet enough to keep you from getting burnt out, but make sure to take notice of what foods make you feel the best and give you the energy to think clearly and enjoy your exercise. Keeping a journal or using an app like myfitnesspal can help make the process easier.

So, here’s to happy eating and living! Life’s too short to not take pleasure in each day, and that includes the food we eat, so find what works for you and make it a habit. You don’t have to be perfect, but try to do what you can to be healthy and happy. Your mind and body will thank you!



4 responses to “My Highly Functional Diet

  1. DaisyWillows says:

    Yes, a very helpful post. the rule in my opinion should be 80% of the time eat to live and 20% of the time live to eat 🙂

  2. Hey I nominated you for an award! Check my latest post for more details:)

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