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A Workout in 4 Measly Minutes

on May 28, 2016

There is plenty of proof out there that exercise is amazing for us, but how come we don’t continue doing it?! The answer is that our bodies and minds forget how good it can be if we go too long without exercise. Usually we take a break out of necessity or lack of motivation and never get back into the groove. Muscle memory works for us when we’re active and against us when we drop the ball!

Yes, our bodies are creatures of habit and we can easily fall out of doing something that is great for us, but we can all fit something in when we have the time. And yes, we have 4 minutes a day!

You saw that right: 4 minutes! Tabata is a technique to amp your body and mind in just four measly minutes. The only catch is that while you’re moving, you’ll be working hard….all out exertion hard. But, we can all suffer for just 4 minutes a few days a week, can’t we?! You bet we can!

And the best part is that you won’t be able to come up with good enough excuses as to why you couldn’t get it done. Four minutes is just longer than taking a restroom break or time to check your email. Come on, you know you can do this!

So, get ready to move your body and invigorate your mind in the shortest time possible. It is sure to amp up your energy and productivity!

Here is your workout:

20 seconds of running in place, pumping your arms (as fast as you can!)

10 seconds of rest

20 seconds of push ups, on knees or toes (fast pace, but controlled!)

10 seconds of rest

Repeat the whole sequence until four minutes is up. That’s 4 sets of 2 exercises. If you make it through that and still have more time, stretch or take a walk to relieve those worked muscles, or add this on to your daily workout.

Great job! Now feel those happy endorphins pumping through your body and mind. Feel free to sit down and get some work done, or maybe take a short walk to continue the glow. Relish the fact that you got a workout in. Remember, the more consistent you are with exercise, the better your body and mind will feel.

As an important side note, make sure to vary your routine, not just doing Tabata. Going full tilt, even for 4 minutes, is no joke, so dial it down if you need to. But if some days, all you have is 5 minutes to spare, there are no more excuses to miss a workout!

I hope you enjoy your speedy workout! Now, just remember to keep on moving!!


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